Hi, thanks for checking in!

I’m constantly reinventing myself… at the moment I’m

  • Flying the C-17A Globemaster for the USAF & looking for a civilian job as an airline pilot
  • Commuting to SoCal for my job in the USAF Reserve
    • Commanding a Contingency Response Squadron, a group of logistics and command and control professionals that (re)establish and operate airfields in extreme situations, like after a natural or man-made disaster
    • Yes, commuting across the country more than once a month is a bit ridiculous, but it beats driving everyday!
  • Exploring the value of volunteer work in developing yourself and your career with my awesome co-author / co-host Melody Dawn
  • Living in Washington, DC
  • Supporting non-profit organizations that do amazing work
  • Reading… and that’s been true since I was a tiny human
  • Running, yoga, biking… anything that gets me outdoors
  • Last and best… engaged to an amazing woman.